Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our Dispute Resolution practice group is comprised of lawyers skilled in providing mediation and arbitration services in a customized and efficient manner.

We provide experienced mediators and arbitrators that are trained and certified for alternative dispute resolution, to assist in resolving construction, business, personal injury, real estate and insurance coverage disputes throughout Texas and Louisiana. We draw upon vast and varied experience having represented corporations, individuals, contractors, vendors, suppliers, developers, landowners, homeowners, lenders, insurers and sureties in matters ranging from complex commercial matters to catastrophic personal injury disputes and multiparty construction arbitrations to resolve claims.
Our services include the use of such alternative dispute resolution methods as mediation, arbitration, dispute resolution boards, project neutrals, summary jury trials, and the use of collaborative law principals.

Mediation and arbitration are a vital component of any litigation practice. Many of our experienced attorneys are certified and trained as mediators and arbitrators, having the skills needed to effectively manage alternative dispute resolution processes across a wide variety of industries for disputes involving construction, environmental issues, real estate transactions, defamation, condominium transition, insurance coverage, and numerous other commercial matters.  Among our ranks we have a number of attorneys who are recognized neutrals who serve as arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association.



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