Cannabis Business Law

As an emerging industry, cannabis businesses face a variety of obstacles, many of which are novel, while navigating an often un-stabilized market.  The complex regulatory environment is multi-faceted, rapidly evolving, and can differ drastically between jurisdictions.  With this innovation and development come real challenges that our clients look to us to help with as they start and grow their businesses.  We provide legal guidance and services that will assist you in making informed business decisions and getting deals done while complying with the various layers of regulatory oversight.

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the production, sale and use of hemp-derived cannabinoid products (such as CBD) has entered an exponential growth period. As cannabis consumption becomes more widely accepted – be it from adult-use or medical marijuana in states where the same is legal, or from hemp and hemp-derived cannabinoids in the wake of the 2018 Farm Bill and the USDA’s approval of various hemp production plans – exposure to misinformation abounds.  Businesses and consumers need to have reliable sources to truly understand what is permissible under the constantly changing legal landscape and how to best mitigate risks they face, which is where our team comes in.  As an industry group, our Cannabis Business attorneys come from a wide array of practice backgrounds and possess a wealth of in-depth knowledge, skills and experience covering all your needs including business formation and governance, resolving business disputes, maintaining regulatory compliance, creating and enforcing intellectual property rights, assisting with complex application preparation and submissions, advising on mergers & acquisitions, assisting with IPOs, counseling start-ups, raising capital, closing real estate transactions, assisting with land use matters, facilitating government relations, creating special districts, and advising on issues with labor & employment, transportation, insurance, tax, executive compensation, ERISA, and more.

Due to the sheer amount of land here, Texas is poised to become the nation’s leader in the hemp industry and the Texas Department of Agriculture is enthusiastically in support of seeing that happen. We have the capacity to advise industry members at all phases of the supply chain that seek to establish a footprint in the emerging market in Texas on cannabis business legal needs from startup through exit, and from seed to sale.  Our attorneys possess industry-specific knowledge about the emerging cannabis industry and with our involvement across a variety of other industries, we use that knowledge but also bring new and creative insight to this developing market.  We will work with you to create a team of collaborative attorneys best positioned to advise on your specific needs. We are prepared to counsel those across the supply chain spectrum, including: growers, processors, manufacturers, and retailers, as well as those in ancillary industries such as security, transportation, and packaging, on how to obtain and maintain applicable licensure requirements, meet ongoing compliance responsibilities, and achieve business objectives. Our team combines experienced attorneys to provide a broad range of support services focused on the Texas region to the medical marijuana and hemp industry. With our deep roots in Texas and offices located in Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio, Coats Rose is well positioned to advise cannabis companies seeking to begin or expand their business in Texas.  Our offices in Louisiana and Ohio provide additional service areas, and our attorneys are licensed in 15 states where we can continue to provide the level of service our clients have come to appreciate.

The content on this webpage and the other information on this website are for informational purposes only and are not intended to give you any legal advice or provide any guidance or assistance in violating federal law.  The possession, use, distribution and/or selling of marijuana are in violation of federal law and the laws of many states, despite any state laws that may decriminalize or authorize certain activity.  Despite any federal policies that indicate enforcement resources may not be prioritized where businesses are operating in accordance with State law, there is no way to guarantee that compliance with certain state laws will prevent federal law violations from being enforced.  Should you need information specific to your circumstances, please consult with an experienced attorney.





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