Oil and Gas


Coats Rose oil and gas attorneys successfully handle a broad range of matters involving oil and gas law, providing clients with expertise in both transactional matters and litigation.
In an industry like oil and gas law, there simply isn’t room for amateurs. Our experience runs the gamut from the negotiation and drafting of oil and gas related contracts, regulatory guidance and permitting, and litigation of disputes relating to oil and gas operations and transactions.  Our Coats Rose oil and gas attorneys have worked on the defense of landowner and third party claims arising from exploration and production activities, processing and transmission operations, and contamination and toxic tort claims.Coats Rose oil and gas attorneys have experience in the negotiation and drafting of a wide range of oil and gas-related contracts, including mineral leases and servitudes, assignments, joint operating agreements, gas sales contracts, purchase and sale agreements, and AMI agreements.

Oil and Gas Representation Strategies That Payoff

Our oil and gas lawyers counsel benefit clients through our unique insight via our governmental relations practice are in keeping our clients ahead of curve when it comes to with respect to federal and state energy related issues.  Our attorneys also help clients by preparing them for changes involving  environmental standards governing oil and gas operations, permitting procedures, reporting and notification requirements, and clean-up and remediation standards.

Coats Rose oil and gas attorneys represent local and national oil and gas industry clients in disputes relating to breaches of oil and gas contracts, accounting claims for production, royalty disputes, landowner claims for contamination, the defense of administrative enforcement actions, and other claims arising from oilfield operations.

Our attorneys have experience with all forms of oilfield wastes, including naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM), hazardous waste, and non-hazardous oilfield waste (NOW), and addressing claims of contamination of all forms of environmental media, including soil, groundwater, sediment, surface water, ambient air, and deep injection strata.

Coats Rose oil and gas attorneys experience includes defending property damage claims, personal injury claims and claims for stigma damages, diminution in property value, increased risk of or fear of disease and punitive damages.



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